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Private Healing Session with Ms. Terry

Feel lighter, less stressed more Intune with your future than your past. Using Distance Reiki and other distance healing tools along with breathe work. The goal is improving the flow of life energy in a person.  I am a Reiki Master trained to detect and alleviate issues of energy flow on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Balancing Chakras. Includes pre & post Intuitive Conversations to direct the healing. Audio Recording is Included.

90 Minute Session $197

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Hawayo Takata – The Woman Who Brought Reiki To The Western World

Hawayo Takata, also known as Reiki Grand Master Teacher, is famous for bringing Reiki to the West but also for being trained directly by Chujiro Hayashi.

Due to her work and inspiration, we are now privileged to have Reiki in our western civilization. Most practitioners in this part of the world can link their start in Reiki to Mrs. Takata.

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