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Manifestation Mentoring  Sessions

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A Manifestation Session (Let's talk it out)

You had your reading, you know what you want; your guides and team has told you it’s “It’s yours (YES!!!!).  But you don’t know how to maintain the faith and process your life for results you know you can have.  Let’s be honest, we don’t get what we want by pushing it away through self-sabotage, doubt, fear and low vibrations! Readings aren’t enough because it’s not happening as fast you want so you are scared!  This is different from a reading because there is something beneath the layers that is trying to bubble up to the surface that you need to be released!

So now let's talk on how you are going to walk in your actual manifestation because remember you have been told it’s yours!. During your session, we will explore the different ways you can level up to receive your heartfelt wishes with ease and figure out to let go what inside you is stopping it from happening. I know I see you getting what you want, but do you? Do you believe it in your heart, your vibration? Or do you have something deep inside you that is scared of believing it can happen? Do you think you deserve it even though you want it? If you get it, can you keep it or will you think that its going to slip away? Let’s talk during this session to the root of why you want something so bad you can taste it but what are you doing to push it away? You will be provided guidance, motivation, emotional support and preparation for you to manifest what is yours! I will help you…

Let's get you the tools you need to have the life you want.. Remember, you have the power to have anything you want...are you open to being gifted by the universe?

Please note, homework is included---be prepared to do your part and work! I

Part 2: Questions to Ask

Do you want questions for relationships only or different scenarios?

Are these the kind of questions you are looking for? Or is more of what do they want from me?


  • Imagine (insert name) just walked in the door and is looking at you, how is he looking at you? What do you notice about him? What do you think he is thinking as he looks at you?

    • How does it make you feel?

    • What is happening to you physically as he looks at you? Now how are you feeling?

    • How are you feeling after he looks at you as described above?

  • Imagine you and ______ are at dinner at a restaurant, describe what are you wearing? What is he wearing? What do you notice about him?

    • Now Imagine he says he is telling you he is into you, he sees a future, how do you feel about it and what do you think about what is he saying?

    • Can you believe he is saying this to you? Why or why not?

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