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Intuitive Healing Transformation Session

This is the session you choose when you are not sure what session to choose. Unrushed intuitive healing session so we can get to the bottom of what it will take to help you feel better fast.

We will ask your Spirit Guides and Angels to facilitate your shift. This can include a variety of techniques that I have learned through my healing career or one specific modality, each person is different and unique.

This session gives us the time we need to explore your individual healing needs.

You will leave feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to face a new day. This is an in person session in Alexandria,VA

90 Minutes $149.00

180 Minutes $299.00

Time is TBD
Location is TBD
Working on my book has been a great experience so far...
I have decided to work on a book about my journey as a massage therapist and healer helping to transform lives. I would like to kindly ask you for a favor. If I have had an impact on your life or if we have co-created an amazing experience during one of our sessions, would you be willing to share

Individual coaching sessions are perfect when you need help getting over a hump or if you just need inspiration to complete a goal. Booking a coaching session is the perfect start to assessing where you are and getting a game plan set up that is in alignment with your Spirit Guides and Angels.
Harness the power of your Spiritual Team to achieve your goals. Why go it alone? Your Guardian Angels have been with you since birth. More than just a reading it is accountability.
​Done by phone book 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Individual Transformational Coaching Sessions
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