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Distance Reiki Testimony           


Thank you for the Reiki session it was beautiful.

The full moon  Reiki session was exceptional. wonderful, peaceful and joyful.   I was very relaxed, it as if I were floating.  When I slept that night,  it was the most peaceful sleep.  I had a dream and woke up, when I went back to sleep I had the same dream.  That has never happened to me before.

I am looking forward to my next session.

Thank you


I had a long distance reiki session with Terry and I can not emphasize how phenomenal it was!
She sent my instructions and music before the session and called to make sure I was set prior to starting. My intention was to let spirit guide me and her because even if I verbally say what I needed, Spirit would know what I needed.

During the session, I felt energy moving down my legs and I would randomly smell sage. I also put my hands on my neck to support it and had thoughts about life, house and certain people.

I even thought to myself “hey go on Groupon and look at finding a chiropractor”. 

At first I felt weird because in my head I’m thinking “aren’t I supposed to be asleep or focusing on peace or something ?” But I trusted Terry so I went with it and let my mind wander where it wanted to.

After it was over, Terry called me and asked if I went to sleep. I said no because quite the contrary I felt energized and ready to go. But I immediately began to ask her if she focused on my neck and she said yes and even pulled chiropractic energy to heal the energy misalignment going in my head and then I had to tell her about my random thought about finding one.

Then I told her during my session, I smelled sage and she told me she had saged me a few times. Okay so this is weird but she asked me if I ever felt like it was too much pressure on my legs and I said no but I felt energy flowing through my legs randomly. We spoke about me stepping into myself and really loving myself (the past year and half had been hell) and she spoke about removing cords and gave me descriptions to help me understand the energy she felt.

She used a scene from  Moana as an example and uhhh shocker—-I watched only that   specific scene as I babysat the night before.

She gave me her intuitive thoughts and she even mentioned my house and then I remembered me thinking about my basement. That’s when she told me I will learn to love my house more. The next day (today) I received more confirmations about the messages she told me...and I knew it would happen due to the chord removal and/or energy removal. I feel like energy is moving even if I can’t see it...not just on me but in my life...

Excuse me for the long winded testimony but honestly I’m in shock for all the confirmations I received after our session. I know it’s a lot I wrote but this was an extraordinary session. I believe as long as the client is open to receiving the energy and messages this can be life altering! I’m still trying to process some of the messages and I know it’s self work that i need to do but I really believe this session helped me move in the right direction...

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