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My Services

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Love, Luck, Career and Future Life. Clairvoyant readings advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions. My Spirit guides connect to your Spirit guides to help you with your current needs/desires.

Intuitive Reading 30 Mins $69.00 

Intuitive Reading 40 Mins $89.00

Intuitive Reading 60 Mins $109.00


This is not LIVE! Emailed Video Intuitive Reading. Reading Emailed. Pick the earliest available time to be scheduled.  

I will send your video reading within 48 hours of your appointment time to your email. The appointment time is to get on the schedule. $59.00
30 Minute Session


Have you been trying to get pregnant and run out of answers? Or do you just want to know if you will have children of your own? Book your where's my baby reading where we can get some answers for you. This reading is not a substitute for medical care. I have personally as an intuitive had great success predicting babies.

30 Minute Session $69.00


A Spiritual Clearing process meant to bring you in alignment and heal conflicts between souls. It creates a sacred space where souls can hash out differences beyond the constraints of human emotion and a decision is made to accept the healing or to continue with the status quo. The soul is always free to choose; therefore, there is no breach of free will taking place. 

Tell your story to release your pressure.

Release stuck emotions that are holding you back.

Breathe new life into your situation.

Then get positive fill ups and an audio recording of your session that you can play anytime you need to be recharged!


What you resist persists!

Feel lighter

Release the burden

Releasing the blanket of Shame

1 Hour Session $88.00

On sale for $44.00


Reiki is a tool to help with the major stresses of life such as IVF, Anxiety, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress, Getting Married, Getting Divorced! Anything really!   Reiki is not a substitute for medical attention! Reiki increases your energy level and sense of well-being promoting personal growth and healing on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

There are so many wonderful stories about Reiki.

One Hour Distance Session $115.00

For more information

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Sometimes when you have found yourself going in the same circles you need to stop a minute and regroup. The difference between a one time reading and coaching is on going accountability. We will use Law of Attraction and other Spiritual tools to help you reach your goals.

Each session will be customized to your specific needs. 

We will schedule 2 ninety minute sessions to keep you on track with your goals.

Each session is 90 Minutes and includes audio recording and homework.

$222.00 Monthly 2 Sessions per month.


Feel lighter, less stressed more Intune with your future than your past. Using Distance Reiki and other distance healing tools along with breathe work. The goal is improving the flow of life energy in a person.  I am a Reiki Master trained to detect and alleviate issues of energy flow on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Balancing Chakras. Includes pre & post Intuitive Conversations to direct the healing.

Audio Recording is Included.

90 Minute Session $197

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