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Love, Luck, Career and Future Life. Clairvoyant readings advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions. My Spirit guides connect to your Spirit guides to help you with your current needs/desires.

Intuitive Reading 30 Mins $49.00 

Intuitive Reading 60 Mins $89.00

Quickie 10 Minute Session $15.00

You can ad a audio recording to any session for $10.00

or feel free to record on your own device. 



Have you been trying to get pregnant and run out of answers? Or do you just want to know if you will have children of your own? Book your where's my baby reading where we can get some answers for you. This reading is not a substitute for medical care. I have personally as an intuitive had great success predicting babies.

30 Minute Session $55.00

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Sometimes when you have found yourself going in the same circles you need to stop a minute and regroup. The difference between a one time reading and coaching is on going accountability. We will use Law of Attraction and other Spiritual tools to help you reach your goals. Each session will be recorded for you. 

We will schedule 2 sessions to keep you on track with your goals.

1st session 90 Minutes

2nd Session 40 Minutes


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Don’t get left behind. These sessions are designed to get you ready for 2021. We are ending the year 2020 during a Cancer full moon. That means it is time to reevaluate home, family, and career. It is also about planning your future by aligning with new dreams, new visions and new sources of inspiration. The goal is to release the outdated beliefs and embrace a new way of doing things. We will connect with your Guides and Angels for clarity and confirmation. Make the time to work your plan so you can achieve the success you desire.

Career and Finances Prep Session

The session is 60 minutes it includes a audio recording of your session. We first discuss your career/financial goals. We discover and remedy blocks to your career/ financial goals. We then find out what Success Oracle model you should follow. Leave you with a plan to hit your new targets. These session can be repeated.


Love Prep Session

This session is 60 minutes and includes a audio recording or your session. We will talk about your love goal. Relationship, Marriage, Casual Dating? We will talk about what's blocking your love goal. We will find out where you are neglecting yourself. We will clean up the old baggage to get to the new you. We will talk about how to increase your desirability. These sessions can be repeated.


Spirituality Prep Session

This session is 60 minutes and it includes a audio recording of your session. We ill first learn how you can best connect to the Divine. We will find out your primary spiritual gift. We will find which Angel is presently guiding you. We will find out which Goddess's want to work with you. We will talk about ways to enhance your gift. These session can be repeated.