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My reading with Terry was spot on! Not only did she tell me I was getting a new job, I was offered one 3 days later! 


Get the clarity you need...

Love, Luck, Career and Future Life. Clairvoyant readings advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions. My Spirit guides connect to your Spirit guides to help you with your current needs/desires. 

Live Reading 45 Mins $110.00 

Live Reading 60 Mins $150.00


Getting this reading really helped me get on track. Its amazing what I didn't know I was missing.



Where are you business wise?

Sometimes when you have found yourself going in the same circles you need to stop a minute and regroup. 

Are you self employed or an entrepreneur? Do you realize your business has a soul of its own? Book a Intuitive Reading Coaching Session to see what your business wants you to know.

Find out what will make your business grow.

Discover the secret sauce to your business success. 

$99.00 regularly $150.00  60 Minutes by phone. 

Please take notes or record your session for future reference. 


I can’t even explain how good my overall experience was with Terry Beale! I was on the edge of my seat listening to my reading which was awesome. Her ability to explain it in a way my analytical brain processes information was mind blowing🙌🏽 I will definitely be a repeat client🤗.


Where are you?

Why do some people seem to have it all while others can’t even get one date?

It’s important to find out what is really going on with your love life and fix it. You too can align yourself with the upside of love. You cannot solve anything until you face it and name it. If you have been going round and round and not getting any real results quit playing and book a session. Your situation may require multiple sessions.

Book a Love Life Tune Up Session

What you will receive:

Together we will dissect what’s really going on

Determine what your love goals are

Put together a solid resolution and action plan.

I am a Spiritual Rolodex, if I cannot help you, I can refer you to someone who can.

This is not a quick fix session however; if you are willing to put in the work you will see your desired results.



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The road to union...

True twin flames are really two souls who recognize the bond they have with each other. They can see the connection transcends time. They “both” key word “both” recall alternate lives with each other. They can connect to each other psychically and are often on each other’s minds 24/7. Many lower vibration energies come into play in this relationship and it is definitely not all roses and candy. Please don’t confuse a physically abusive relationship with twin flame love. Twin flame love is not meant to damage your soul with added abuse.

Most times union is dam near impossible because of lessons being learned at different rates of vibration. However getting a reading and twin flame candle work can help you determine if your partner is really a twin or if you are experiencing a soulmate connection or a karmic partner. Twins sometimes are here to awaken each other on a massive spiritual level and may not even get into a tradition earth style relationship.

Live Reading 45 Min $110.00

Live Reading 75 Min $150.00


Terry thank you so much for your help!! Not only did the candle work for me but my husband mentioned how great things have been going for him and he is the biggest skeptic EVER!!!


The road to union...

This Twin Flame Candle work is to specifically bring you two into clear communication and truth. Everyone deserves to hear the truth about what the status of the relationship is. A set of two 7 day candles are blessed and burned to bring out clear communication.

It takes 7 days to burn and then you should have an answer between the 14th and 21st day.

All couples are different so results may vary. $95.00


When Terry first was gonna do the candle for me I was skeptical but desperate. Within 3 days I had my new job offer. I love this woman.


Help is here...

Candle healing is truly special to me. It is a way to hold a clear intention for a focused amount of time. Many times when we are attempting to manifest a desire we fall away from knowing it will be done, into doubts and hesitation. When I am burning a candle for you we are in solidarity in your intention. The burning flame is a symbol of your commitment to your desires.

When I burn the candles for you it is not to impose on another person’s free will, it is to hold the space for clear honest results. If you are burning a candle for love for one specific person and that person is not into you it will not work. If you are burning a candle for love and you are open to receiving a viable, compatible, loving partner then your results will certainly be good.

The problem is you must do your homework to make this effective. There is usually more to the story as to why you have not received the love you seek thus far.  Good for removing negativity as well as removing obstacles to your goals.

30 Minute Live Consultation on your desire with the candle $90.00.

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