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The Reconnection Workshop!

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If you feel like you want a fresh start. If you long for a new way of life. If you have felt disconnected to your Spirit or if you feel you can’t connect or communicate with your Spiritual Team, it may be time to get reconnected. The Spiritual journey is rarely a straight line. There are times you will need to reconnect to Source. Join us in ritual to find your place again.

Meet the Team

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Ms. Terry

 As a Reiki Master and spiritual educator, I use a variety of healing tools and modalities that help uncover and peel back layers of what's preventing you from thriving and living your best, most empowered, energetic and joyful life. Complete healing! 

My goal is to use the spiritual tools I have been both gifted and trained in to empower your complete healing journey. I hope that our intention together is to not only meet you where you are, but also to help elevate you to the next level.  

Simply Amazing & Refreshed!

I have recommended Ms. Terry to friends many times. My recent reiki experience was very refreshing and things are "alright"! Your gift Ms. Terry is amazing and I appreciate you helping others.~ Althea

We are here to embrace you with our traditional practices and guide you to begin in a space you are comfortable in. Our Collective experience also includes numerous of resources that will help you on this journey. 

Your self identity ONLY requires your full dedication to want to change! THAT IS IT. Once you are open to change you open many opportunities to become your highest self.


Tameka Tammy is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Thai Reflexology Massage Certified, Crystal Chakra Educator,  Intuitive Medium, Graphic Web Designer, HR Professional and Art Therapeutic Life Coach.

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Ms. Marcia
Qi Gong Facilitator

Marcia is a native of the twin island Trinidad and Tobago. Who immigrated to the USA in 2010. She has various backgrounds but the one which brought her to this country was physical fitness which led her to massage therapy.

Rehabilitation Instructor and QiGong practitioner.

My love for Qigong is because of the slow intentional and focused movements. I have experienced that as our time in the body goes by most of us are not able to participate in vigorous activities to be physically active. With QiGong these movements can be done sitting as well as standing with the same results.

Your Experience

This year 2023 is a beautiful year. We are vibrating at the frequency of the number 7.  In Numerology, the number seven can be easiest described as the holiest and most magical of the cardinal numbers. The 7 holds an intriguing set of qualities within its energetic weight – it is one of logical analysis and attaining understanding, but also one of spirituality and mysticism. 

The 7 emphasizes introspection, emotion, analysis, intuition, reflection, seclusion, research, and FAITH. This is meant to be a quieter, “inner” year in which you can learn the answers to your most burning and often avoided questions.

Your tribe is ready to support you by holding the space for your evolution. Join us.

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Clearing, Feeling amazing and lighter after my clearing session. ~Marion


The workshop fee is $197 a deposit of $100.00 will hold your spot.

Space is limited. The balance must be paid in full before the workshop. 

Registration and a light breakfast starts at 9:00am. The event starts at 10:00am.


This event will be filled with Agape love, Spiritual Awakening and Aromatherapy. 

Please be advised if you are sensitive to pure therapeutic oils.

We will be performing physical and energetic clearing procedures on you. 

You will leave feeling lighter, refreshed and filled with love. 

We will be diffusing a healing blend into the space and provide a Covid Guideline sanitation station. 

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To pay by Zelle please send to Terry Beale at 240-640-5303.jpg
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