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Individual Transitional

Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions are perfect when you need help getting over a hump or if you just need inspiration to complete a goal. Booking a coaching session is the perfect start to assessing where you are and getting a game plan set up that is in alignment with your Spirit Guides and Angels.

Harness the power of your Spiritual Team to achieve your goals. Why go it alone? Your Guardian Angels have been with you since birth. More than just a reading it is accountability.

60 Minute Session $90.00


The moment I spoke to Terry I knew she was the real deal. Her energy was so powerful that when I first contacted her, video and the telephone would not work and kept cutting out on full signal. She proceeded to tap into my energy and deliver the most accurate reading I have ever received on a recording without me even communicating with her.

What I most appreciated from her is her realness and her ability to accurately deliver life changing information in a way that's easily understood. Since meeting her my life has changed in dramatic and positive ways. I highly recommend her service!

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