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The Love List

If you need a breakthrough in your love life, this service is for you. Spirit has told me the focus for 2020 for me is restoration in love relationships.  I have cultivated a good connection to God through, prayer, meditation and obedience. One thing I did not keep as a priority in my past was love relationships. In my past people of a lower vibration would be drawn to me for relationships and because I was so focused on happiness. I thought it was my job to be there for them and help them grow.

Often the relationship was uncomfortable for me as I was holding the space of unconditional love and they would be holding the space to be fed. It would then become clingy and co depended, sometimes they would become jealous of my clients as they were wanting all my attention. Spirit used those relationships to show me how it feels when someone is unequally yoked. It can become draining and co-dependent which isn’t healthy. Now Spirit is using those lessons that I learned to help others get free and help you get the love you want.

It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship already this plan is about healing from hindrances that cause you to feel unfulfilled in love. Male or female it doesn’t matter your sexual preference, these healings are open to all. I will be doing specific candle work each month removing blocks and magnetizing love on a better frequency for people on a specific level of love.

Getting on the proper frequency of love will open more opportunities to connect with a soulmate. It is my belief that people come into each other’s lives for seasons or reasons. If you are intrigued or compelled to be on my love list please sign up on my website. You will get monthly instructions and tools on how to heal, grow and prosper in Love for 2020. Let this be the last season you feel blocked in the area of Love

When you sign up for my monthly Love List you will receive the following:

5 Minute Audio of what your Love focus is for the month

2 Seven day Candles Burned to Remove Blocks and

Bring in more Love

Follow- Up Audio of your candle results.

For $29 you will get monthly instructions and tools on how to heal, grow and prosper in Love for 2020. 

*** Disclaimer:***

When getting a reading from any advisor (advisors include psychics, mediums, tarot readers, astrologers, medical intuitives, energy workers, intuitives, empaths, sensitives, or any other type of psychic or divination readers), you agree to take full responsibility and to bear all liability for your interactions with the advisor and the results thereof, this is based off a spiritual conversation. Please check with your doctor for any medical advice.

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 I had a session with Terry to see if the guy I am dating was "the one"? She said, Spirit says your ship has come in. Little did she know he asked me to call him Captain!

How funny is that! ~Anonymous 

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