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Massage Party

Text, email or call to book... (240)640-5303

Invite your friends/family members to enjoy a unique experience.

As the Hostess, you not only get a FREE MASSAGE and all the healthful benefits associated with relaxation massage, but this is also a great way to show your friends and family that their well-being is important to you.


Let us come to your home (or other designated Party Location) to massage your guests. 

Incorporate a Massage Party with other events such as:

~ “Girls’ Night In” ~ Bridal Shower ~ Bachelorette Party ~ Game Night ~ Book Club ~

Birthday Party ~ Barbecue ~ Pool Party ~ Christmas Party

Why You’ll Love It ~

Convenient ~ Massage is pampering and feels wonderful. ~

Breaks up the monotony of get-togethers ~ Promotes health and wellness

What You Do ~

Pick a Date and Time for the Event. ~

Check availability of massage practitioner(s). ~ Invite 3 or more Adult Friends/Family Members

Choose a Designated Area for the Massages (such as a quiet corner or a spare room) ~ Inform invited guests of massage prices.

A Few Other Details~

Therapists reserve the right to refuse massage to any person who appears impaired or unwell. Please inform your guests of this if you decide to serve alcohol at your party.

Additionally, for the safety of the clients and Therapists, massage will not be performed if any guest is suffering from recent injuries/surgeries, severe pain, infections, flu/colds or infectious skin conditions. Please mention this to your guests so there are no unfulfilled expectations or disappointments.

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