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Benefits of a Wisdom Gathering

Hear from Spirit with your friends.

Can be life changing in a positive way

Can help you find clarity and peace

Can help you get validation and inspiration

Can help you move forward confidently

It can help you dissolve energetic burdens you may be carrying                    

It can help you identify areas of life you may need to improve


Earlier this year, two friends and I organized a session with Terry. We didn't request anything specifically. All of us were in a weird place and needed help. We didn't even know what kind of help we needed. Ordinarily, Terry offers individual sessions in which she may read cards before or after performing a massage or reiki or some combination of modalities. What she proposed turned out to be just what we needed. The three of us sat across from Terry, she closed your eyes, and she began making some broad statements about themes she saw we all faced in our lives. These were not generic themes that a so-called palm reader or fortune teller would say that could apply to anyone.

Next, she read cards for each of us, and as she read the cards, to the extent that we knew about each other, we marveled knowingly at what the cards revealed or enjoyed a long conversation between Terry and whoever was getting the reading as Terry and that person saw more to help that person understand what her angels or ancestors we're trying to convey to help her. Sometimes, Terry would ask the person if she really wanted to know about certain things or if she was prepared to hear a truth. We welcomed all of it.


Occasionally, the cards through Terry would tell us something that we didn't want to face or elaborate on qualities that we would never want to embrace. Nevertheless, Terry was able to be frank and loving at the same time so that we could be open to all that could be revealed in the session. Terry created an energy surrounding us where we felt as one although we are not close friends. Each of us shed her self-consciousness and shyness as we morphed into a kind of close-knit family.


From then, we share what is happening in our lives and all of us see situations and events in a more meaningful way. We haven't been the same since the session with Terry--in the greatest way. We take action when needed. We manage problems with a positive mindset. And we reassure each other that regardless, it will be okay in a genuine way. We look forward to seeing more of Terry in the future. We can only say seeing because we can't describe what her services were to be able to request them again.

Next time, she may do something completely different with us, and we trust her to do so. She is gifted..

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