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Time for a House Blessing

Does your house feel heavy or creepy?

Get it Spiritually cleansed and blessed.

Signs you need your house cleansed and blessed.

  • If your home feels stuffy or heavy even after you have physically cleaned it.

  • If you keep falling asleep even after sleeping all night.

  • If you feel drained or not like yourself If people in your home are constantly fighting or arguing.

  • You have multiple cold spots or unexplained house noises

  • Instead of feeling calm and happy you feel overwhelmed or anxious at home

  • Also after a break up or if you have just moved into a new place

My spirit Team and I go in “energetically” to clear the property. This is not a in person clearing. We can clear the land and the vibrations around it, to bring some calm , peace and clarity to the space. We are energetic human beings and we collect energies and entities from each other and the environment.

That is one of the reasons it important to clear a space when you are just moving in as well.

The fee for the clearing is regularly $88.

It is currently on holiday season special for $44.00.

You can schedule your clearing at under the House Clearing Tab.


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