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Harvest Time Karma Candle Healing

What’s possible for one is possible for all!

Time to break the patterns and cycles.

Praying and clearing our Karma and Relationship Patterns.

These relationships can be terribly addictive and painful although they might feel good at times, they can also be toxic and draining.

In the Spiritual Journey sometime we must look at our love life. What have we learned from our lineage? Is it serving us or hindering us.

Now is the time to get help with this. Clear your Relationship Karma so you can attract better.

Fall is a special time of reflection and healing as we prepare to go into winter. If you have been struggling with the same issue of lack or feel blocked it is time to get help in a different way.

Using my spiritual tools I will prepare a special orange candle for you.

Orange is the color we are using for this as it is also the color that represents our Sacral Chakra. This is a powerhouse when it comes to our relationships, connection, sexuality and emotions.

In the Sacral Chakra aka 2nd Chakra, anger and fear play a huge part in the energy staying blocked or opening like a flower.

One of the common signs of a Karmic Relationship is the amount of fear and anxiety it can bring you.

Karmic Relationships can have you doubting everything you have come to know about yourself.

This candle work will balance your second chakra so you can manifest more intimate, loving, supportive relationships and experience more passion in all aspects of your life.

When your sacral chakra is aligned, you’ll be able to “go with the flow” and pursue what sparks joy in your life – without worrying or second-guessing yourself.

People who balance second chakra tend to be more artistic, spontaneous, and carefree.

If you have blocks that you need broken or patterns that you need amended, get this session. No need to wait until the full moon. I will be doing these candles all month.

Through my knowledge of this ancient healing technique, I am able to offer you a safe and effective way to improve your overall well being.

What you will receive:

  • A personal 7 day red candle used to hold the space for you.

  • Angelic Healing Prayers for protection and abundance.

  • A video reading of what your Angels have to say to you before the burn.

  • A video reading when the burn is complete.

You will write to me your intentions and I will dress your candle accordingly.

My name is Tiffani Bradley and I have been coming to Terry since May of 2021. The experience I have with her is Powerful, empowering, and encouraging. She is always spot on with what she shares with me from Spirit and she effectively helps me trust my intuition more and more because Terry allows Spirit to communicate through her to give me confirmation. Recently Terry did Karmic ancestral clearing for me utilizing Candle work and two days after the candle she prayed over for me was burning I felt shifts internally and externally in my life. Necessary truths were voluntarily revealed to me and I began to have a different perspective about my life and current circumstances which ultimately ushered me into Peace. I am Grateful to Terry and her commitment to use her Spiritual Gifting to assist me on my Wellness Journey. I encourage everyone to have Terry do Candlework for them to help close out karmic cycles and elevate You beyond the challenges You have been facing.


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