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Love Wins

I realize today just now in this present moment that brokenheartedness ruined me. I at one point was so into unconditional love, and I was happy. As people hurt me, I would love anyway, I would love again and again. I would not hold a grudge I would truly let it go and I was happy it was my magic.

Then as people began to see my light and want to keep it for themselves I started to close and fade. I somehow lost my purpose. I forgot that people never understood how I could love some people that others don’t. I forgot that I loved the unlovable. Love is just who I am. I have been lost ever since I lost my love.

My love is my money. My love is currency. It is my unconditional love, not just love from a man that feeds me. There was a time when I so loved massage therapy I would do it for free. Then society came along and said if you don’t raise your prices and charge a higher amount no one will respect you. I did it. I had forgotten God took care of me, he handled the details and he is my ultimate source and supply. When I loved like I loved, one person would come through and drop $400 or $500 hundred on me which would make up any difference.

When people tried to bottle me up and keep me for themselves to keep me so called safe from others hurting me it back fired every time. The be careful thing is not for me. The lay low and dim your shine thing is not for me. I am here to be a space of love. I am universal love in my own lane. I love the ones nobody does. I am an Earth Angel.

So I am back to love regardless of what it looks like to humans. I cannot be contained. It is prison to me emotionally, mentally and financially to be anything else.

Love wins 2018

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