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September Fiery Red Candle Healing

What’s possible for one is possible for all!

Time for a fiery change.

What’s possible for one is possible for all!

Time for a fiery change.

Praying and clearing our Karma and Bloodline is an ancient practice that has been passed down through generations. You will often hear people say if it wasn’t for those who came before me I would not be here. It is important to spend some time breaking the curses, yokes, bondages, oppression and hindrances that are naturally upon you since birth, The energy of what you are born into goes all the way back into time.

Of course you can always do this work yourself or others such as myself can do ancestral healing for you.

Fall is a special time of reflection and healing as we prepare to go into winter. If you have been struggling with the same issue of lack or feel blocked it is time to get help in a different way.

Using my spiritual tools I will prepare a special red candle for you.

Red is the color we use when we need fast, strong and powerful results. The red candle can help boost your physical strength, increase your will power and help you feel more courageous and determined as red is also associated with our root chakra.

If you have blocks that you need broken or patterns that you need amended, get this session. No need to wait until the full moon. I will be doing these candles all month.

Through my knowledge of this ancient healing technique, I am able to offer you a safe and effective way to improve your overall well being.

What you will receive:

  • A personal 7 day red candle used to hold the space for you.

  • Angelic Healing Prayers for protection and abundance.

  • A video reading of what your Angels have to say to you before the burn.

  • A video reading when the burn is complete.

You will write to me your intentions and I will dress your candle accordingly.


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