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Twin Flame Hell

If you think having a twin flame is bad, trying being an empath and doing intuitive readings for twin flames, now that’s hell. The problem about twin flame love isn’t the potential of what it could be at its height. It is the depth of the suffering one half of the hearts will go to in order hold space for the other heart. It’s like leaving your front door open all night long sitting on the sofa watching for someone to walk in. As a coach and influencer it is my worst nightmare because so many people get stuck in the unrequited love part that they lose their potency. They lose the magic they are, they dim their spark waiting. It is a huge distraction. You cannot suffer enough to bring someone closer to you. You have to stay on the journey.

Today I tapped into the Twin Flame Energy and it brought me to some deep loving songs from the 80’s. Remember Endless Love by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie? Or how about Open Arm’s by Journey? Let’s do one better, Peabo Bryson 1984's "If Ever You're in My Arms Again".

It’s is not the love that hurts it is getting stuck in the suffering of the love. Unrequited love is so addictive. Your body literally takes you chemically to a place your mind keeps trying to recreate.

Many times people don’t have a twin flame connection they have a bondage fetish that they haven’t explored.

The secret to Twin Flame Love, the secret to getting into union is to keep going. There is a place, space and time for re connection in the atmosphere. If you stop growing in love and wait, you will never arrive when they get there. You will still be sitting on the sofa looking at the door. The key to twin flame love is to manifest more love. That’s the ugly truth you have to move away from suffering and get into creation. This is where I come in, if you need help moving forward there are so many tools we can use. I’m not saying manifest a new partner I am saying cultivate more love in general. You are in pain because you are feeling the lack of love from the person you want, however you often times shutdown love all together when you are in this situation.

Even when you get in union it is not all roses hunty!

Relationships in general are a lot of work let alone a Divinely Guided one. I would recommend booking a twin flame reading and a karma report to see where you are on your twin flame journey.

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