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August Blue Super Full Moon Healing

What’s possible for one is possible for all!

This Blue Super Full Moon is the sign of Pisces.

This is the last Full Moon of the summer. Spirit has said to me this is a perfect moon to usher in your wishes for the fall.

Blue is the color of communication and the fifth chakra. This chakra is responsible for communication and expression. It is the gateway for energy to move from the upper chakras to the lower chakras.

Sometimes what we say and what we think don’t align. This is a perfect time to set the intentions for the culmination of the remaining months of the year.

Energy in equals energy out, put some energy and attention on what splendor can come to you. Let Spirit help open your mind and release what is not needed in order to cultivate what is beneficial for you.

Let this candle healing help you walk into your blessings. Let Spirit help you produce the life you dream about.

Super Blue Moon Healing taps into the power of the moon’s energy, which can be used to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and increase self-confidence. Through my knowledge of this ancient healing technique, I am able to offer you a safe and effective way to improve your overall wellbeing.

What you will receive:

  • A personal 7 day candle used to hold the space for you.

  • Angelic Healing Prayers for protection and abundance.

  • A video reading of what your Angels have to say to you before the burn.

  • A video reading when the burn is complete.

You will write me your intentions and I will dress your candle accordingly.

Please email me your intention by

Wednesday August 23rd, 2023.

My spirituality services, including candle healing, meditation, and Reiki, can help you find a deeper sense of purpose and inner peace. Drawing from the power of the Blue Super Full Moon, this candle healing helps to restore your balance and align your energy with the natural cycles of the moon.

We also will call in the energy of the 4 top Arch Angels I work with to clear any energetic or physical blocks you may be experiencing. I will ask each Angel to bring you a personal message so you can develop a stronger connection to your Spirit Guides.

Angel energy is very powerful. We will work with this energy for 7 days straight to help you feel more empowered and connected to Source energy. Angel energy definitely helped me with my Spiritual Confidence.


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