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This “Strawberry Moon” name has been used by Native American Algonquian tribes that live in the northeastern United States as well as the Ojibwe, Dakota, and Lakota peoples to mark the ripening of “June-bearing” strawberries that are ready to be gathered. The Haida term Berries Ripen Moon reflects this as well. As flowers bloom and early fruit ripens, June is a time of great abundance for many. On May 27th, 2023 I will start the 7 day candle specifically for you. This candle is for the wish that lives in your secret place.

Our Strawberry Full Moon Healing is a personal candle energy healing experience, tailored to help you find the inspiration and motivation to make positive changes in your own life. Drawing from the power of the full moon, this candle healing helps to restore your balance and align your energy with the natural cycles of the moon. Through this process, you can find the clarity and focus to move forward on your healing path.

Sometimes we have dreams so big our ego can trick us into doubting it will happen. Every mother’s day I get ready for this time in private. This year I am sharing 10 spots with the world. I will only do 10 candles.

We, the Angel’s and me, will go in and do a deep healing and harvest your wishes.

I am very powerful with my candle work which is why I don’t do it often for the public. Spirit told me to open this gift up.

You will write a specific petition for your candle and send it to me. I will do a reading on it, prepare the proper intentions and herbs to dress your candle with and burn it for 7 days at my personal altar. At the end of the candle I will provide you with an addition reading to summarize your results and let you know of any next steps. Your reading will come in video form so that you can see the work I have done. This is a special time, if you feel called to participate follow that instinct.

Blessings are on the other side of it for you.


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